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Number of Ratings: 2   Average Rating: 3.5

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Punctuality: 5
Caring/Helpfulness: 4
Knowledge: 3
The Staff: 3
Review Submitted August 29, 2014   OK Doctor Rating !!
@DoulosQuinn Yes, the scriptures do say the heart is deecutfil, and that's why we must turn to God, and let him in our hearts, so he can change our hearts. The song speaks of letting God into your heart, because once you do that is when you can really experience God's like and do some excellent in the name of Him. It's saying to let the Holy Spirit live inside you, so you're not using your fleshly heart and wordly desires, but as a replacement for doing, and feeling and loving as God would have you too.
Punctuality: 3
Caring/Helpfulness: 3
Knowledge: 4
The Staff: 3
Review Submitted December 19, 2012   OK Doctor Rating !!